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Soundproofing Acoustic Insulation | Acoustic Panels & Acoustic Foam

Melfoam Acoustics is a company that is passionate about lowering noise levels and controlling the acoustic properties of rooms through the use of soundproofing acoustic insulation. Acoustic panels and acoustic foam are the products used to lower noise levels and control the acoustic characteristics of a room.

The reason why the noise levels in a room increase to unpleasant levels is due to excess sound energy bouncing and reflecting off hard surfaces. In order to stop the sound bouncing and reflecting around a room, it is necessary to position acoustic ceiling tiles or acoustic wall tiles around the room. These acoustic panels have excellent, sound absorption and sound deadening properties that can absorb unwanted noise and eliminate echoes.

There are two soundproofing products we manufacture and sell to control the acoustics in a room, “Acoustic Panels” and “Acoustic Baffles”.