Melfoam Acoustics is a company that is passionate about controlling noise levels and eliminating unwanted echoes in rooms where people have to interact with one another. For home theaters or recording studios we are able to enhance the acoustics in these critical listening environments.

The reasons why so many business such as restaurants, schools, offices, churches, etc and modern homes are suffering from too much noise or unwanted echoes is that modern architecture is giving us larger rooms with high ceilings that consist almost entirely of hard surfaces. Wooden and concrete floors are currently in vogue, large glass windows are giving panoramic views and ceramic, wooden or stainless steel bench tops all enhance the aesthetic look of a room. The only problem with creating a room with hard surfaces is that they tend to reflect the sound around the room.

Sound waves that reflect off multiple hard surfaces in a room before they dissipate are the cause of loud unwanted noise and echoes. Melfoam Acoustic uses acoustic foam to produce acoustic panels that have a high degree of sound absorption or sound absorbing properties that stops sound reflection from occurring.

The acoustic foam products that we use to lower noise levels are

1. Acoustic Panels
2. Acoustic Insulation
3. Soundproofing Panels
5. Acoustic Ceilings
6. Acoustic Baffles
7. Acoustic Wall Panels