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Posted By: on March 3, 2014

The RK 1 acoustic room kit is designed for small rooms in which the acoustic environment needs to be carefully controlled. The kit consists of a number of SA600-75 acoustic panels that operate extremely effective in the critical frequency range of 200 – 400Hz.

It is backed up by the BT270/600 pressure zone absorbers that absorb frequencies down to 80Hz that can muddy the sound.
RK 1 Acoustic Room Kit Product Details

Acoustic Panel Description and Quantity

12 x SA600/75 Broadband Absorbers
4 x BT270/600 Pressure Zone Absorbers

Product Size & Weight

Each SA600-75 Broadband Acoustic Panel has dimensions of 600mm x 600mm x 75mm and weight is 1.2Kg

Each BT270/600 Pressure Zone Absorber has dimensions of 270mm x 270mm x 600mm and weighs 1Kg

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